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A record company (better known as WMG to the YouTube community) that would have been broke years ago if it wasn't for the fact that Time Warner (an AOL Company) owns half the world.

Highlights in Warner Music Group's history:

Charlton Heston read the lyrics from several rap albums WMG was preparing to publish to the old, white men who ran the company. The records in question were dropped from the label.

In early 2009, WMG got pissed that UMG (Universal Music Group) was making more money off of YouTube then them, and pulled their music from the site. Seven months later, it was announced that 'an agreement' was reached that would 'put Warner content back on the site by the end of the year.'

Details were kept vague on whether this would mean audio removed from user uploaded videos would be restored. These details were kept vague mainly because when 2010 rolled around, only the WMG channel had the videos and music restored.

At the end of the day, Warner Music Group is just another example of what's wrong with the music industry (and pretty much every media industry these days to be honest) - They're afraid of the Internet instead of using it to promote their products, so they do the exact opposite of what would make them money.
Levon: My YouTube video of Give It Away was removed! Stupid Warner Music Group!
Daniel: I hope they go out of business.
Levon: Well then I guess you hope Warner Brothers Pictures, DC Comics, Time Magazine, AOL, and hundreds of other small companies go out of business too.
Daniel: No big loss.
by billy_buddy_of_doom8 January 14, 2010

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