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To jerk oneself off. normally guys beat off and women stir the porridge.
oi i might go peel potatoes for a bit so leave me alone.
by billy walking August 22, 2006
a tourist who wears flurescent coloured swimmers, reef shoes and goggles everytime they go or look like going swimming.
'oi did you see that fluro touro?' 'yeah they looked pretty cool.'
by billy walking August 22, 2006
To peel ones potatoes is to relieve oneself of there sexual tension.
I like peeling potatoes once or twice a day depending on what mood im in.
by billy walking August 22, 2006
To boil broccoli is to watch pornography, because watching pornography is like boiling broccoli because you have to watch the broccoli when cooking it so the broccoli doesnt get too soft- like the 'other' thing that might get soft when watching pornography.
I might boil some broccoli and then get myself off.
by billy walking August 22, 2006

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