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A phrase used to describe someone that is extremely attractive and/or pleasing to the eye.
"Hey man check out that girl in the Steppenwolf panties. She's Über-hawt!"
by billy trinkets June 20, 2004
also seen as man-thermos, it is another name for the penis.
"hey Joe, how was that date with Suzy last night?"

"man we went back to her place and she emptied my man thermos!"
by billy trinkets June 11, 2004
another term for what a persons anus looks like.
"you shut up or I'll blast your puckered lemon!"
by billy trinkets June 06, 2004
the act of covering someone's face with so much semen that it resembles a blanket of yogurt
"Hey Tommy what did you do last night?"

"well I hooked up with this girl from the internet. She looked kinda busted but she gobbled my man thermos then I gave her the white yogurt face blanket."
by billy trinkets June 11, 2004
When someone is so unbearable that they are being both a douche AND a rod at the same time.
"Man, Billy is such a douche. I can't believe he wouldn't let me go to his party!"
"No man, he's not just a douche, he's a douche rod!"
by billy trinkets August 23, 2005
(verb) the act of gaping a woman's anus so much that when you pull out, her innards literally 'bloom' out of her like a flower opening it's pedals. also referred to as an ass tulip.
"That chick didn't just get gaped, I made that ass bloom!"
by billy trinkets April 30, 2009

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