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Slang for Miami, Florida. More specifically a term used in relation to Miami's South Beach. An adjective used to describe something that originates or is associated with the city of Miami: usually debauched and fast-lane but usually high-class, sexy and popular.
Dude, forget Orlandon't. The girls and I are going to Vice City for the weekend.

Did you see Cody get knocked out over that coke deal at I/O Lounge. Brosef thinks he's Vice City.

Jamie's shirt is so Vice City it makes me gag.
by billwise05 July 30, 2005
A global hipster brand that started as a magazine in Canada and is now headquartered in New York, as well as countries across the globe, including Japan, Germany, Australia, and Italy. It has reached a level of mass popularity as to be nearing its peak for trend-setting.
"Where's Kiki?"
"She's taking a shit, probably reading VICE."

"Did you see that girl at the Interpol show at the right of the stage? She was wearing ripped fishnets, stilettos and a trucker cap."
"Probably works for VICE."
by billwise05 July 30, 2005

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