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An adult puppeteer who has an exclusive sexual interest towards adolescent boys who are fans of Tickle-Me-Elmo.
Kevin Clash is an Elmo-phile.
by billthecat November 20, 2012
A condom with the rubber tip cut off in an effort to reduce the amount of semen that comes out.
Don't worry about becoming pregnant. I'm wearing a containment cap.
by billthecat June 08, 2010
A female's bush that is not trimmed.
Her Polish landing strip makes it hard to find the good part.
by billthecat April 13, 2010
Official: "hydrolyzed vegetable protein"

Reality: "heaving vomit poison"

Food additive used for gourmet junk foods but prone to salmonella contamination.
HVP is the best thing to ever happen to the United States fight on obesity.
by billthecat March 08, 2010
What happens when you can't use your BlackBerry to send email because of a Research in Motion network outage.
Sorry you didn't hear from me but there's a blackberryout.
by billthecat December 23, 2009
A plaid flannel shirt shirt worn untucked and unbuttoned, typically with an undershirt. On hot days it's taken off and tied around the waist by the arm sleeves.
The Burnaby Dinner Jacket is the choice of wear of Canadian lumberjacks.
by billthecat February 06, 2009
To have your bitcoin account hacked into and all your bitcoins stolen.
My bitcoin account at Mt. Gox has been bitconned.
by billthecat March 06, 2014

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