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A contemptuous term originally used to describe the poor crowds of 1920s Manhattan. Nowadays can be used to imply that the subject of said insult is scummy and often inspired by questionable goals and motives.
"You ate my sandwhich AND threw the rest of my lunch out? You no-good, son-of-a-bitch trolleydodger!"

"Dude, that guy over there said he'd give me a dollar if I did it."
by bill_snizzle August 16, 2008
Also known as a Phelpsian Task.

an accomplishment or goal that is ridiculous and crazy; the very accomplishment of said goal requires the creation of several new adjectives to correctly describe it.

Can also be used sarcastically to imply that the subject is making a much bigger deal about an accomplishment than is necessary.
1. Gold-starring "Won't Get Fooled Again" on Expert on Rock Band Drums without using Overdrive Mode is truly a Phelpsian Achievement.

2. I don't know dude. You want me to date your hideously ugly sister? Thats asking me to do a Phelspian Task.

3. Oh, you beat "Creep" on Easy Rock Band drums? My, my. What a Phelpsian Achievement.
by bill_snizzle August 16, 2008
(noun) A black child born of white woman, particularly when this exposes an affair with a black man.
"Honey, why is our baby black?"
"Dude, relax, its just a blaxident."
by bill_snizzle August 11, 2009

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