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The Kurbaskanks (+ friends) are a group of people who came together to enjoy the fictional non-canon (ouch) relationship of Kurt Hummel and Sebastian Smythe from the TV show Glee.

It started out with around 8 people, as time went by it grew to a current number of (more or less) 50 people.

Grant Gustin himself - who portrays Sebastian Smythe - agreed to be the King of the Skanks.
Person 1: Oh look, those people gossiping about Kurtbastian. I bet they're Kurbaskanks.
Person 2: Yeah, wow, they must be nailing it.
by bikechanderson March 30, 2013
Ship name for the pairing of Blaine Anderson and Mike Chang on the TV series Glee.
Bike Chanderson in 03x18:

Mike: Blaine, I need your help. Tina wants me to slick my hair back for prom and I’ve never used gel, so I have no idea what I’m doing.

Blaine: Biggest tip I can give you: never brush after you gel. Disaster. Second tip: feel free to use a little sweat or a little splash of water to reactivate the gel or give it a complete new look. See that? It’s a whole new 'do, my friend.
by bikechanderson March 25, 2013

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