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25 definitions by bigrattus

English rhyming slang for muff aka pussy, female genital region.
Eat some billy goats gruff
by bigrattus November 21, 2003
10 4
1)Nice word for war
2) word that is used by governments (mainly america) when they want to go to war but dont have the domestic or international support for it
It's not a war, its a police action.
by Bigrattus July 07, 2003
8 3
Cricketing term: When the bowler intentionally bows in line with the batsmans body, forcing him to move or get hit. Outlawed soon after the Ashes serires (England V Australia)because it was cpnsidered to be negative, dangerous and not sportsmanlike.
by Bigrattus June 12, 2003
7 2
hot, sexy, beautiful, banging, gorgeous
What a chwank ketti
by Bigrattus June 12, 2003
6 4
Mother Fucker
Used primarily in Nepal and the Licoln American Schoolin KTM
Machigni, that ketti is kusum chwank!
by Bigrattus September 09, 2005
6 5
1)to go crazy
2)pugnacious, craving for a fight
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
20 24
Thug, gangster, bully, hired hand
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
53 58