25 definitions by bigrattus

To turn someone in. To tell on someone
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
A really hardcore fan of a spanish or italian football team. Ultras have been associated with violence, hooliganism, and racism. Not all people who consider themselves ultas, exhibit these characteristics. some are just avid fans.
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
whore, prostiture, slut
by Bigrattus June 12, 2003
Elder sister in the Hindi language
by bigrattus June 06, 2003
slang for for sardar, person of the Sikh faith
by Bigrattus June 05, 2003
English rhyming slang for muff aka pussy, female genital region.
Eat some billy goats gruff
by bigrattus November 21, 2003
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