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An exclamation of extreme displeasure. Derived from the frustrating school subject of mathematics. Used to replace such derogatory words as: fuck, screw, shit,and damn. Often referred to as the "universal pronoun". It can be used to cover a mistake such as cussing in front of your grannie (no one likes to get their ear pulled) --OH fu-- math!
Oops, I mathed up!
I'm goin to go math all over the bathroom.
Dude, math you, you mathin' bitch.
by Biggs November 25, 2003
Going into a fit of rage. Normally uncontrollable, irrational, and full of hate. Person loses all connection with reality, some say it is an altered state of mind.

You will see a person go into the bromzilla state if you catch them masturbating, or doing other private things.

See "going postal" or
Hey did you see Micheal go "bromzilla" on me for eating the last donut?
by Biggs January 24, 2005
Known by many as 'The Lucky Irishman' or quite simply 'Macca'. A man usually found in Adelaide close by his car - the Big Red machine. He is fun(ny) guy when sober and enjoys activities such as brown hurricane and the like when 'chemically inconvienienced' (drunk).

There are many look-a-likes and sound-a-likes of Macca, but the true James Mclaren can be recognised by his distinguishable red hair (:P) and unique laugh
*a guy accidently drops soft drink on the ground and it starts spraying everywhere*
Macca: HAHAHHAHAHHAHA! (literally rofling)
by biggs April 19, 2005
similar to a cammel toe
check out that moose nuckel on her
by Biggs January 09, 2004
Women over mates - a guy who sees his gf, for example over, his mates 24/7
<<insert name>> is a wom boy ;o
by biggs March 05, 2005

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