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1. In a bad way, in a bad situation, or in the act of making an illogical choice. Not doing well, at all. Having bad luck.
1. I went to visit my cousins in the country this weekend. They both have to sleep in the same bed, walk to school, and eat beans and cornbread for dinner; they shootin terrible!!
#bad luck #dumb choices #bad situation #bad way #illogical
by bigfox May 08, 2007
1. Someone who just finished shitting and the doody scent is still fresh in their ass; even though they wiped!
2. Someone who is in the act of shitting, and someone catches them....i.e. work, home, at friends house
3. Someone whose booty just looks like it stinks from afar. It could be their jeans, the way their but is shaped, or the way their pants fit their body. Or, if they even walk funny, like they got shit up their ass!
1. Oh no, take a shower before you go getting yo' doody booty back in the bed! You just shitted!
2. Hey everybody, I was just in the ladies room and Sally was in their taking a dump......Doody Booty!!
3. Why does he walk like that? Like he got something stuck up his ass or something!!! Doody Booty!
#stinkin ass #boodie #ass #shit #crap
by bigfox May 07, 2007
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