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A slang term for a cozy pair of shoes. Shoes that are particularly comfortable, are refered to as "Canoes" because you glide in them like you're floating down a river. On a par with calling your car a "Sled."
Man, these work boots are aching me something fierce. I can't wait to get home and slip on my canoes.
by bigdanshooter November 02, 2010
Noun. A series of drinks, or more specifically a series of whiskey shots lined up on the bar top and drunken in rapid succession. A Whiskey Train comprises of at least three shots (though preferably more), each shot containing a different brand of whiskey. The most important part of the Whiskey Train is the final drink which is called the Caboose. The Caboose is the last car on the train and should be a memorable one. The choice of the Caboose is up to the drinker’s discretion, but a particularly effective Caboose is a boilermaker which is definitely recommended. Essentially, the Whiskey Train is ideal for the serious drinker on the go, who has no time for messing around. Not suggested for amateurs.
Barkeep, give me a five-car Whiskey Train with a boilermaker caboose, and make it snappy! I’ve got to be at work in fifteen minutes.
by bigdanshooter May 21, 2011
Noun: Matthew 18:15. "If thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault."

Verb: To Matthew 18 someone is to make someone aware of their faults in a way that is both confrontational and obnoxious. Whether this person kissed your girlfriend, drank the last beer in your fridge, or simply sent you a game invite on Facebook , no transgression is too petty to Matthew 18 them. The most effective way of Matthew 18ing someone is to jab your middle and index fingers deep in their sternum while listing their offenses loudly in a public setting, such as a lunchroom, grocery store, or library. And since you are backed by scripture, you are justified.
Charlie used my bathroom and left some leopard spots in the toilet, so I Matthew 18’d the bastard.
by bigdanshooter September 07, 2014
Two bros (often from the OC) who are friends for life. They will often drive the same trucks, drink the same beer, and date the same girls. Their friendship stops just short of being physical. In short, Bro-FFs are the Southern Californian male equivalent of teenage girls and their BFFs.
Last night my Bro-FF and I went shopping for backwards hats, drank a few brewskies, and ended up shaving each others' asses.
by bigdanshooter October 08, 2012
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