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Dragon Stereotype
The phrase "Dragon" is a new Kiwi/New Zealand stereotype.
Similar to "Emo" or "Scene", the Dragon stereotype is a mix of many stereotypes, someone is a "Dragon" if they stand out in a crowd, similar to how a Dragon would stand out in a crowd of people.
Ways to pick a Dragon
-Colorful hair/Wacky outrageous hair styles
-Colorful unique/Stand out Clothes
-Possibly goth, emo or scene as long as there unlike other people and stand out.
Logan: Is that a Dragon?
Shannon: Yeah man! Look at his hair! There's five colors! And look at his clothes! There crazy colorful.
by Bigbobrocks June 28, 2009
Fake besties is a term used in New Zealand, it means when two people are very close but don't like to stereotype themselves as being best friends or don't personally believe they are best friends so instead they call each other "Fake Besties"
Logan: Sarah and Emma you two always hang out, are you guys besties?
Sarah: NO! We're fake besties
Logan: Fake Besties?
Emma: We are fake besties because we are not actually besties but are tight as and talk lots!
by bigbobrocks October 18, 2009

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