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5 definitions by big_joe13

a state in southwest usa, where it's illegal to penetrate your wifes rectum consensually
husband: hey i wanna fuck you in the ass tonight
wife: in the state of texas its illegal
husband: are you serious? fuck that lets move back to cali
by big_joe13 June 01, 2009
104 93
the pet that "licks" the peanut butter off your wife when your not there
by big_joe13 June 05, 2009
37 28
was some jew who got killed by other jews for speaking blasphemy. he then was reincarnated as a man name Adolf hitler and killed 6 million jews to get back at them for what they did to him in the past life.
kid: hey who is jesus?
kid2: oh some guy who was killed by jews 2000 years ago because he was trying to spread peace. he then was reincarnated as adolf hitler and killed 6 million jews to get at them back.
kid: oh.... heh looks like he got the last laugh.
by Big_Joe13 June 18, 2009
12 21
is another word for anal sex between men
gay guy: wanna go russia on each other?
gay guy2: yeah i love getting russianed
by big_Joe13 June 04, 2009
39 158
A place were jews aren't allowed.
Jew: hi what is this place
German dude: Germany
Jew: can i come in?
German: nein
by Big_Joe13 May 30, 2009
43 202