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Three points:
1. China is NOT a fucked up country. You think they look down on people of other countries? Hark who's talking.

2. If you want to know an unbiased account of what the country China is, go to Wikipedia. If you only want to bash China, go add a definition.

3. If you want to know slang definitions of the word "china", you can either a) go to china and ignore the definitions that flame China and its people. b) I have heard it used as a substance nice plates and cups are made out of.
China is an awesome country, man!
#china #chinese #wikipedia #chinese people #people's republic of china
by biased, just like everyone else October 01, 2005
The basic unit of mass of the International System of Measurement (Systeme Internationale). It is defined as one one-thousandth of the SI base unit kilogram in France. Its name comes from the Latin root grámma.
An average man weighs 75000 grams.
#weight #mass #measurement #metric #france
by biased, just like everyone else October 02, 2005
A place that used to be where you got to learn stuff, now it's a place where some f*cking teachers try to make you their slaves.
Teacher: Hey kid, throw this tissue away for me, then you'll get an A+ or else you'll get an F.

I go to school and hate the bitchass teachers there.
#teachers #school #student #brainwash #bitch #hell
by biased, just like everyone else November 02, 2005
A weapon resembling a musical instrument of the same name. The original Bazooka, used as an anti-tank weapon by the U.S. Army from WWII, fired shaped charges 2.36 inches in diameter. Later it was supplanted by the Super Bazooka when it was proved to be useless against Soviet T-34 tanks.
"Holy crap, that bazooka hardly dented that there T-34! Back to the drawing board it is, then!"~military engineer
#rocket launcher #weapon #gun #american inventions #anti-tank
by biased, just like everyone else October 25, 2005
suxorz == Internet Explorer.
IE suxorz! Get firefox NOW!
#ie #microsoft #sucky #evil #bad #awful
by biased, just like everyone else December 15, 2005
This is the exact opposite of newb. Refers to someone of great skill at an online game. Similar to leet, elite, etc.
*Guy shoots other guy in head*
Noob: Wow ur an oldb!
#online games #newb #leet #1337 #elite
by biased, just like everyone else October 29, 2005
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