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little shrit not little shit is an annoying kid, around the age of 3-12 years old, a kid that complains alot and will not leave you alone and you cant do anything about it cause you dont want to be rude. does not seem to understand that he or she is getting extreamly annoying.
your at home playing xbox and suddenly one of your parents friends or sibblings friendslittle shrit comes in and wants to play, you want to say no but it would be rude and you would feel like a douche.
by bhopsnashville May 04, 2010
One a person has past an almost unachevable anoyingness little shrit they have become a cashmearsh, there annoyence has a certain tune to it that gets to you like no other.
I was trying to sleep but that little cashmearsh kept playing music loud.

I was trying to sit down but the cashmearsh kept trying to start a fist fight.
by Bhopsnashville January 17, 2011
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