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Batimore, how do I love thee. Western High School, Odell's and Fantasy's. Living in Irvington, mad because Southwestern was my zone school (remember Oprah was there because it was so bad). Wanting to goto Edmonson , but my mother made me go to Western(best school in the world) made me a true diva. Good chinese food (yaakamee) yat gaw mein, pork yak with ketchup and an egg. Such a diversity of people contained in one small city. Everybody knows everbody. Chicken boxes with a half and half, cheesesteak subs. Taking pride in Jada, hating Roc for making us all seem like we are on drugs and live like crap (most of us live very well) Loving the Wire, Mondawmin, Security,Westview, bus lines 2,20,23,15 and the M1, then we started venturing out to Marley Station and Columbia once we get cars. Best looking brothers in the world. Born and raised in West, never been to fond of the east side, food taste funny. Club music (sean and scotty) new stuff k swift- do ya thang. I could go on forever, this was fun, hope someone can relate. I'm too country to come back now, but visit 2x/month and then slide my tail back down 95.
Baltimore ballers know how to get that paper.
Ain't nothing better than living in Ballermore, Murderland.
by bgoutabmore April 03, 2006

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