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Twubbed is the act of hashtagging a Tweet on Twitter. Hashtags are created by adding a # to a tag. This allows an organizing of that tag on third party twitter applications.
Let me use it in a sentence. I just twubbed #fashion. That means: I just hashtagged a tweet with the tag "#fashion". Saves a lot of words doesn't it?
by bgamall June 03, 2009
The kingdom of Twitter. All the twitter applications, the twitter network, and the twitter people (tweeple) are a part of Twitterdom.
There is much to survey and learn about in Twitterdom.
by bgamall June 09, 2009
Twitter person. Plural form is Tweeple.
Your tweet was opened by a twerson.
by bgamall June 09, 2009
Pandaganda is the process by which Google has used it's Panda SEO update to succumb to propaganda sites. Sites that spew propaganda, like many major news sites, are now at the top of search because of Pandaganda. These sites get social buzz. That social buzz is like the new backlinking.
Google has engaged in Pandaganda, allowing major news sites to influence search. Since Pandaganda uses sites that have followers already brainwashed by propaganda, the Panda search rank update reinforces this propaganda. Social buzz, by which followers of these sites "like" or thumb up sites, actually results in propaganda sites being more popular on Google search, hence the word, pandaganda.
by Bgamall April 13, 2011

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