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4 definitions by bffwhoweoalltheway

the nice caring dude that lives down the block. he is the most nicest guy ull ever meet. Every one loves him. the best boyfriend ever !
isabel: my boyfriend is such a dick, hes cheating on me with my sis
alex: yeah he is a dick, we should totally look for some raffaeles.
isabel: yeah we should start now!
by bffwhoweoalltheway January 30, 2010
A really cute, Italian guy that rides a motorcycle. He is super hot and can get any girl he wants.
Niko- Ciao Americana!
Isabel- Ciao Niko!

Niko- Posso prendervi sul mio motociclo?
Isabel- Si! :)
Isabel- OMG! Niko just asked me if I would go on his motorcycle with him!
Alex- OMG!! You're so lucky! He is soooo hot!
by bffwhoweoalltheway February 22, 2010
Best Friends Forever Who Hang Out With Each Other
Alex- Let's hang out together Isabel!
Isabel- Yeah! We can be BFFWHOWEOs!
by bffwhoweoalltheway February 11, 2010
OMG Drew is such an egg!
by bffwhoweoalltheway November 20, 2010