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Fucken SHit,damn shit.Used when something bad happens.
Paul:O shit the immigration!! Ramon:Pinche Mierda.....
by BetoTheDestroyer January 29, 2004
Mother Fucker,Can Also be used as a way to say wasup my brother.
White dude:Wasup Mazafaka Black Dude:yo wasup mazafakamagicniggerin
by BetoTheDestroyer January 29, 2004
The last 3 definitions are from Idiotarian's morons who argue with other morons over the internet.Also for assholes who try and put a reason where there is none needed.See word "ShitHappends"
This "Idiotarian" thinks Bin Laden and his camel warriors have a reason to kill thousands of innocent people by using jumbo jets.

This other "Idiotarian" blames everything bad that happends on the jew's.

Also goes for Ignorant hiporactic dumb mother fucks.
by BetoTHeDestroyer March 05, 2004
Little Bitch,Bitch what you call a little bitch.SOmeone you smack around like a bitch is also a putillo.
Example:(Person is smacked over the head)What you gonna do about it pinche putillo!?
by BetoTheDestroyer January 30, 2004
Little Bitch,Pussy,coward,someone who you smack around.Relation to the word "Puto."
What you looking at pinche putillo.
by BetoTheDestroyer January 29, 2004
Short for "You Under stand?"
J:Damn that bitch has some biggo tities ima go hit it "yundastand."
by BetoTheDestroyer January 31, 2004
Bread,a type of food derived from the source of wheet.
Make me a sandwitch with "Pan" and queso.
by BetoTheDestroyer January 29, 2004

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