4 definitions by berverse

your point/question/observation is valid in the same way that a dead baby isnt satisfying in bed.
"don't you like my pink chiffon dress/manner of speaking/upper lip hair"

"uh, not so much"
by berverse March 25, 2003
The sarcastic description of a completely ridiculous statement made by someone who lacks the ability to avoid describing an object or event in the most obvious of terms.
really, planes fly? thanks for that, that was a very pointful statement.
by berverse March 25, 2003
make something better by means of changing it's base structure.
i had a baby but i bruxamorphed it to a sex toy.
by berverse March 25, 2003
the fat, ugly, repulsive, being that you see when you finally drag your lazy acne covered ass out of bed in the morning.
"nice to see you again fucktard"
by berverse March 25, 2003

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