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When a female is reciving anal butt sex from the Dominant Male (headbanging) and he pulls out just before ejaculation and quietly hawks a loogie on to her back. Thinking he is done, she trund around and recieves a facefull of semen in her eyes.
"Dude i gave that bitch a dirty houdini last night just before i tossed her ass to the curb."
by bert_fegg June 03, 2004
cool, sly, sharp, enticing, mysterious. also heard in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie
"Bossa Nova!"
"Chevy Nova?"
by bert_fegg June 03, 2004
When the dominant male uses trickery and deception to convince their prey to peer bending over into a waste disposal container, then proceeds to "Filthy the Ronald" (also known as plugging the poop pipe). With each pelvic thrust, the head of the aforementioned Ronald that is being filthied, strikes the inner side of the waste depository.
"dude, anton clifford, theres 20$ in theat garbage can over there!"
as anton clifford looks for it he gets a filthy ronald.
by bert_fegg May 31, 2004
(multiple orgasims) when typing, to add actions, insert the desired action (interpritive dance) in parenthetical notation to give the other conversationalist (OOGABOOGA) an often humorous image in their minds eye. (throwing TV off of a building). often funniest if action has nothing to do at all whatsoever with the subject of speech.
"Dude I want to bang her like none other! (irish jig)"
by bert_fegg June 03, 2004
an absolute square whom is the butt of many jokes. see MAN THONG! and filthy ronald.
i gave a filthy ronald to anton clifford
by bert_fegg May 29, 2004
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