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You know you're a stereotypical white girl when you: Love instagram tumblr snapchat etc., you're always at Starbucks, you post pictures of your starbucks and selfies on instagram. You wear: ugg boots, PINK yoga leggings, northfaces, jean short shorts or/and yoga pants. You can't live without: boy bands, Channing tatum, nutella and Twerking. You love: Mean girls, Pretty Little Liars, Pitch Perfect and you can do the cup song. Your name is Molly Amy Claire Emily Katie Madeline Katelyn Emma Abigail Carly Jenna Heather Katherine Caitlin Kaitlin Holly Allison Kaitlyn Hannah Kathryn or any other white name. If you or a friend is suffering from any of these symptoms contact a doctor immediately and on your way to the doctors pick you or them up some Starbucks.
Hailey- "Hey Guys!" -Sent from my iPhone

Sam- "Sorry can't talk I got to post a picture of my Starbucks on instagram and then listen to a Maroon 5 in yoga pants"

Tiana- " I'm busy too, I have to pick up a new northface and some UGGs and then send selfies to my entire contact list over snapchat.

Hailey- "That reminds me I have to go eat some Nutella and then Twerk it off in my PINK yoga leggings"

Sam- "Maybe later we can meet up and watch Mean girls then do the cup song."

Tiana- "Sounds good as long as we can drool over channing Tatum afterward."

~These are examples of stereotypical white girl symptoms~
#omg #look at me #instagram #selfie #pumpkin spice #starbucks life #ugg boots in 80 degrees
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
A dedicated fan to Maroon 5, apart of the maroon 5 fandom. This is a person who appreciates all members of the band Maroon 5 and is able to name each and every members, all of there albums and the name of their previous band (Kara's Flowers). This person will often "Fan girl" and owns Maroon 5 merchandise. They are often associated with directioners (one direction fans) or Beliebers (Justin Bieber fans)
Marooner- "OH MY GOD! Did you hear that Matt flynn, Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Mickey madden, Sam Farrar, PJ morton and Adam Levine are going to be preforming Songs about Jane, It won't be soon before long, Hands all over and Overexposed. Ryan Dusick from Kara's flowers will even be there!

Everyday person-"Who the hell are they?, all I know is Adam Levine."
#maroon 5 #kara's flowers #it won't be soon before long #hands all over #overexposed #songs about jane
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
222 is a record label founded by Adam Levine it currently has 3 artists named, Matthew Morrison Rozzi Crane and Tony Lucca. Lucca's album was release in 2013 and it was called "With The Whole World Watching". Morrison's album was named "Where It All Began" and was also released in 2013. 222 is also a symbol for a fandom called "Marooners" or Maroon 5 fan's.
"Maroon 5 lead singer and 'The Voice' judge, Adam Levine recently created a record label "222 records"
#adam levine #222 #222 record label #music #the voice #maroon 5
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
This is a person who absolutely loves Adam levine and is a Adam levine fan.

Often not caring about his music but only is body and his looks and is apart of

the Leviner fandom. This fadom is often disliked by the Marooner fandom (Maroon

5 fandom) because the Leviner fandom does not appreciate the other boys in the

band. The difference between the marooner fandom and the Leviner fandom is that

the marooner fandom is more often into the music and all of the band members

while the Leviner fandom goes for the looks and Adam Levine only.
Leviner- "I bet Adam doesn't even know the name of the rest of the band members,

God he has such a hawt bod."

Marooner- "Fuck off *plugs in ear buds*"
#marooner #leviner #adam levine #music #maroon 5
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
A person who is white on the outside but is black on the inside. Often acting

black or like a ganster and often using the words ratchet and weave. NOT WHITE

Hailey- Raping to ghetto music and acting ratchet

Tiana and Sam- "Hailey why are you such a inside out Oreo?"
Sam- "Hailey you're are more black then Tiana and she is actually black"
#ratchet #janky #white #balck #inside out oreo
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
A group of friends who act like different types of Oreo's or stereotyped races. Golden Oreo- Acts white on the inside and white on the outside often a stereotypical white girl who likes Starbucks, Nutella, Ugg boots and boy bands. Inside out Oreo- Is a white girl on the outside but act's like a black girl often listening to rap music, has a nice ass to twerk and uses the word ratchet. Reg Oreo- Is black on the outside and only once in awhile acts black while the rest of the time shes going to Starbucks and taking selfies.
Hailey (inside out Oreo) - Sipping Starbucks while listening to ghetto music.
Sam (Golden Oreo)- Posting pictures of her Starbucks Frap on Instagram.
Tiana (Reg Oreo)- Admiring her Ugg boots while sometimes using the word ratchet.
Together they form a Oreo squad.
#white girls #ghetto #oreo squad #golden oreo #chocolate oreo #inside out oreo #reg oreo
by beotch from the ghetto January 02, 2014
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