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5 definitions by bentrying

Two people that meet for the sole purpose of a work out. One partner usually knows enough about fitness and sports to help the other develop physically and meet a personal goal. An unemotional, homogeneous association between two people without a need for friendship.
John and Jane meet at the gym once weekly to work up a good sweat. They are sweat buddies.

I like to be with my sweat buddy when I workout because I hear positive karma about the future outcome of my sweat work.

Being sweat buddies is much less complex than being friends.
by bentrying March 21, 2011
Lips to lips, lips to ears, lips to {vulva}, lips and tongue to {clits}, slowly, consistently and when the hips begin to rise, finger to {G spot}.
When the {groaning} begins, I know I've properly given her the right amount of {sexual resuscitation} soon followed by excitement, shaking, heavy sigh and complete relaxation.

Damn the was good {sexual resuscitation} she remarked! Can you do it again?
by bentrying March 11, 2012
a man that brings joy into the heart of a woman without putting a fire into her bottom.
She gets laid by someone else but loves to hear from John the woman pleaser.
by bentrying March 25, 2011
What naysayers are really all about.

Always complaining and never doing or just does not have the ability or balls to do it.
by bentrying December 04, 2011
A walking encyclopedia of knowledge gathered from the web.

Practically everything John knows came to him through web searches and research. He is a cyber-head.
{intelligence} {knowledgeable} {cyber-head}
by bentrying April 05, 2011