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The best damn state in the land. Yeah theres a lot of corn and a lot of cows but we got the Huskers, we also have omaha which is a pretty cool city in the eastern part of the state. The eastern half of the state is a lot like Iowa with lots of hills and cornfields. The middle of the state is totally flat and mostly has irrigated corn and soy beans, as well as the sandhills, which are huge ass hills where cattle graze, the southwest of the state is mostly for wheat growing, and the western edge of the state looks a lot like wyoming with lots of buttes and such. Overall its not as bad as people think, nice people,nice places to visit
Nebraska looks like Iowa on one side and Wyoming on the other
by BennyP October 29, 2007
The Capitol City of Nebraska located about an hour southwest of omaha, home to the university of nebraska, as well as 2 other smaller colleges. It has about 250,000 people. It is known mostly as the home of the Cornhuskers and their dominating football, as wellas having good teams in Baseball and Volleyball. The university of nebraska museum is home to the largest mammoth fossil ever found, and it has one of the most unique state capitol buildings in the country. Overall a very nice place to live
Lincoln is an awesome city.
by BennyP October 28, 2007
a town in central Nebraska. Known mostly for meth, mexicans, and having the only real shopping mall between Lincoln and Denver, oh and Husker Harvest Days. Its a town mostly built on meat packing, and farm equipment manufacturing, so theres not too much going on
Grand Island is a shithole, i guess will have to drive 100 miles to lincoln to have some fun
by bennyp May 27, 2008
Town of 27,000 located about 30 miles northwest of omaha. Nothing much there except a crappy strip club, midland college, mexicans and rednecks. Residents are referred to as fremonsters. Also one of two places where SPAM is made
Jim: Wanna go to Fremont
Bob:Why theres nothing to do there
Jim:We can go to a strip club
Bob:I heard it sucks
Jim: Well maybe we can get some SPAM
by BennyP October 28, 2007
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