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We are all familiar with the underrated yet infamously potent insult, "filthy cunt". Any female who does not cringe upon receiving that succession of succinct wording is truly soulless which ironically happens to be the kind of thing that deserves such labeling. This particular upgrade places a special emphasis on the young lady's alarming rate of promiscuity. I hesitate to publish such a powerful insult publicly since I fear it will be overused. Do not release this gem from your arsenal unless the cumburping gutterslut really causes the last straw to break.
Jose Contreras: Today my girlfriend tried to apologize to me for getting double teamed by the Mexican yardworkers while their homies filmed it all.
Bruce Lee: That filthy mudcunt...
Jose Contreras: That's what I said! Unfortunately it didn't register as insulting to her since she has no soul to speak of.
by benny b from the bronx August 15, 2007
a female of immense physical proportions
the girls height must vary from 6'2 to 6'5 and her weight must vary from 260 lbs to 310 lbs... any female exceeding these measurements must instead be referred to as a GIGANTOR WHALE
the ideal marvelous mammoth is 6'3 and 280 pounds

these creatures have been known to trample any and all people/things in their path. A true marvelous mammoth makes a hideous grunting sound once every few pounding steps

The famous uglybitchologist, woo, the self-proclaimed "King of Snot-Rockets", warns all men that "Marvelous Mammoths are quite terrifying, if you see one coming towards you on the street, dont cross the street or look away, because they will become self concious and angry. however keep all toes, fingers and your penis as far away as possible becuase the big bitches might try to gobble them down."
Jose Contreras: what the fuck is THAT?!?!?
Bruce Lee: what??
Jose Contreras: the grunting troll... except its not a troll its fucking HUGE!
Bruce Lee: oh shit! thats a fuckin marvelous mammoth if ive ever seen one! run away!!
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
Necessities: cheap beer, night time, a bug zapper
An exceptionally primitive yet glorious drinking game. Ideal in rural areas (more bugs) depending on how much you value your liver.
Quite simply, each time the device kills a bug, indicated by an easily noticeable zapping sound, you drink. Meatheads tend to appreciate the beauty of this game more so than the general population.
An excellent game for alcoholics looking to keep it simple.
Jose Contreras: Beer pong is so much better than flip cup.
Bruce Lee: Who gives a shit? Both pale in comparison to the epic sport of Bug Zapper.
by benny b from the bronx August 16, 2007
1. A girl of alarmingly small stature; she is always short and, in practically every case very skinny as well.
Not only does she have these inadmirable traits but, in addition, she always acts fiesty and quite often is an annoying bitch.
Maret School President, and perhaps the most respected man when it comes to these matters, woo, recently expressed his sentiments on squabble snakes in an interview with Time Magazine, stating "when i see a squabble snake i usually like to keep my distance, however, when they are extra annoying, i sometimes need to act out of character a little bit and tear their clothing off and inflict pain."
Jose Contreras: How would you describe a squabble snake?
Bruce Lee: She is the kind of thing/girl you would pay money to kick.
by benny b from the bronx November 02, 2004
n. the suggestive pictures and prose used in beer, wine and liquor ads
Jose Contreras: Why is that beer bottle shaped like a naked woman??
Bruce Lee: Typical alcoporn dude
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
n. a woman who can walk into a bar completely broke and get completely drunk
Jose Contreras: Jesus, that dress is tight... and she doesn't have a purse! What the hell is she doing in a bar?
Bruce Lee: Taking advantage of desperate males, she's a barlot you idiot
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006
An extreme psedo-Germanic variant of the English name Frederick, only to be <i>uttered<i> in the most intense of circumstances.
Originated by Johan Ludwig.
A still more extreme variant is "fleudenstraident," which can only be used in life threatening situations.
Bruce Lee: hey man, frederick couples just slammed that ball 2000 yards into some old guys nuts.
jose contreras: Correction! Flaidreeeeeeeeeeeeeich Couples slammed the ball 2000 yards into some old guys nuts!
by benny b from the bronx April 10, 2005
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