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Straight draw in which only one card will complete your hand, a.k.a. an inside straight draw. For example, you complete a belly buster straight when an eight is dealt to complete a 7-8-9-10-J straight.
Jose Contreras: He went all-in with a belly buster and got fucked in the ass.
Bruce Lee: He lost money?
Jose Contreras: 200,000 bucks
by benny b from the bronx February 21, 2005
A name given to food containing a lot of different meats and or toppings. Another name given to a food type normally referring to a specialty product.
Caller: I would like to order a belly buster pizza and a belly buster sandwich for pick up.

Host: You got it, it will be ready in 20 minutes.
#belly buster hero #belly buster sandwich #belly buster pizza #belly buster #filling food
by vincentquest March 18, 2015
When a girl is performing oral sex on a very fat man, he lifts up his massive belly so she can get access, and then piledrives it onto the top of her head.
Jane suffered a broken neck when Andy hit her with the bellybuster.
#belly #buster #sadistic #sex #erotic #fetish #fat
by Madnapali September 04, 2011
A mess of food created in Ireland, to test who is unhealthy enough to finish it.
Designed so that the victims have hope to claim fame but are 99.9% of the time,unable
"AWWW Ryan ye bellybuster""fancy a bellybuster""bellybuster-face"
#fry #belly #mess #ireland #buster #ryan
by Poddy Geenie April 18, 2008
A belly buster is a dude who, when masturbating, will prefer to ejaculate onto his stomach (or belly) rather than into a Kleenex or tissue paper.
So-and-so is a belly buster because he jerks off while lying on his back in bed and "busts his load" onto his belly, with the hope that he will not hit himself in the face.
#masturbate #ejaculate #jerk off #spooge #cum
by Gene Juan LaFlair September 27, 2009
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