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A rather rough and calloused appearence to the palm of the hand, gained though too much "Trumpet Polishing".
That's a right lovely pair of Mariner's Hands you've got there Dad!
by Benjim May 19, 2003
A lovely warm toasty fire emenating from a recently crashed and burned out Nissan Micra on a patch of waste ground in Benwell.
"Oh darling, do let's have a Benwell Barbeque tonight!"
by benjim April 25, 2003
From the acronym "TWOC", an activity normally performed by charvers from Elswick or other west end places in Newcastle. Namely the removal of a motor vehicle, a chase around Newcastle then dump it and burn it out in Gateshead.
I'm a fukkin twocka yu fukka!
by benjim April 25, 2003
Abbreviation for aRe yoU Gay?
<camp-user> Hiya darlin!
<user> RUG?
by Benjim June 17, 2004
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