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3 definitions by bendoverisfit

an under aged prostitute usually found wearing bright red clothes, especially long red coats. They prefer the colour red because red conntoes prostitution

oh my god look at that girl, shes such a soofiya
by bendoverisfit January 18, 2008
7 4
A girl that noramlly has something to talk about. Insain, weird, strange, makes odd noises only few understand. Waers all her clothes at once. Likes to think she is cool but generally a laugh.
Person one: How'ya doing Spammy?
Spammy: Urgh *pulls confused face*
by bendoverisfit January 25, 2008
4 17
when you dont know whats wrong with your friend, you just look and them and say sup girl? and then look upset
sup girl? =(
girl: FUCK OFF, I'M EMO.
by bendoverisfit January 25, 2008
9 26