84 definitions by ben dover

what my friend calls his computer when it is broken.
That damned computater broke again!!!!!
by Ben Dover November 19, 2003
the enjoyment of sleeping with one's own underwear inside their mouth
by ben dover May 15, 2003
Satisfies your tastes when you are flavin some liquids like krunk.
Yo b dis liquid is mad quenchessential.
by Ben Dover May 08, 2003
A cross between an Elephant and Rhinoceros.
Q: What kind of animal is that?
A: Hellifino
by Ben Dover October 19, 2004
prick, moron, snob

used when parents/boss is around
joshua, i didnt molest you, you sack of joy
by ben dover June 28, 2004
supercalifragilisticexpealidosicous lets go!
by Ben Dover April 16, 2003
a sweet last name for an awsome person.
Jake Loviska! who else
by Ben Dover February 07, 2005
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