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Jesus Christ its a lion, get in the car!
Jesus Christ its a lion get in the car
by Ben Tricarico May 11, 2008
A code word for weed, use it when your mum is in the room...widely used in a group of my friends.

Usually very difficult for "the man" to decipher if its used correctly (correct use shown below).
Stoner 1 "Dude, I'm starving, let's get some food"
Stoner 2 "Yeah, there's this great food shop down my road, let's go eat till we're sick"
by Ben Tricarico April 18, 2005
Former first-team goal-keeper of Krakow United quite some time ago. (True)
"And Romananovski has failed to take down the attacking striker, as he winds up for the shot and...WHATS THIS?! The goalkeeper is praying?! The shot is screaming towards the goal and...(ooooh, damn) That keeper is going to need a nosejob..." "You're right there Ken, maybe he should convert to priesthood."
by Ben Tricarico April 04, 2005
To attatch trucks (Skate-board wheels) to the bottom of a large chinese frying pan and sit hencewith, in said frying pan and blast down the steepest hill you can, holding onto nothing but the handle and your life.
Check out Youtube for Wok skating videos
by Ben Tricarico November 24, 2006
The difference between "You're" and "Your"
If you miss the apostrophe out of "You're", you're a Absolute moron.
by Ben Tricarico November 24, 2006

A game played to determine the next in line for the spliff.
Stoner 1 - Man I'm wasted...Ping.

Stoner 2 - Huh?
Stoner 3 - Yo check this out...oh!
Stoner 4 - Oh shit, PONG!
Stoner 2 - PONG! Ohh crap...
Stoner 4 - Safe, pass that J.
by Ben Tricarico November 26, 2007
A variation on the words peng and boobs, meaning the owner of said poobs has a set of "Peng boobs".
Originating from Nottingham, UK, where poobs are aplenty, boys regularly spy-out a nice looking lady and set about the task of getting into her underwear to discover just how peng their 'poobs' are.
Naomi - Wow, my boobs look great in this tight dress, the cleavage comes up to my eyes!
Ben - They certainly are a nice pair of poobs! (Stare)
Naomi - Why thankyou!
by Ben Tricarico November 26, 2007

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