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The highly amusing manner in which americans pronounce 'squirrel' because of their absurdly exaggerated and deeply annoying drawling accent y'all.

The same mannerism makes "Terror" sound like "terr'rr"
the fat stupid american tourist made a twat of himself when he said 'look at the itty bity squerl there climbing a tree'
by Ben Dover of the Yard August 30, 2004
kill the niggers , break their kneecaps - we are the met boys.
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 20, 2004
Remark frequently made by a watt in an internet conference to try and portray himself as one wild and crazy guy, whilst making 'jokes'about hitting women and dead Chinese people. What he really portrays himself as is a twat. Yes a twat.
Wibble!!!!! said the watt who also used lots of exclamation marks to try and show how wacky he was, but instead just made a bigger prick of himself than usual.
by Ben Dover of the Yard November 13, 2004
vb. Medical.

When one is asked to provide a urine sample at a hospital, clinic or doctor's surgery, one hands the jar to a nurse who is said to 'take the piss'.
I had to go to the clinic and the nurse took the piss out of me
by Ben Dover of the Yard September 04, 2004
a dreary town in the even drearier east midlands whose only claim to fame is the non-existent 'outlaw' Robin Hood who was a victorian work of fiction came from nearby. Every where you look there its robin hood this robin hood that and yes, you've guessed it robin hood the other.
everyone in nottingham is proud of a non-existant person because they bizarely think tourists will want to go there.
by ben dover of the yard August 05, 2004

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