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A government movement to illegalize many harmless drugs for no particular reason. An average of $20 billion a year is spent putting non violent drug offenders in prison. With a bunch of fucking harmful drugs such as alcohol and nicotene still legal, it proves that the government doesn't really guve a shit about our safety. With the $20 billion a year we could save by ending the drug war, as well as the taxes the government could make off selling it, we could easily clothe, feed, and shelter the world many times over. Only a matter of time before it falls apart.
The government recently announced that they are losing the war on drugs. This says that there is in fact a war, and that they are being beaten by a bunch of DRUGGIES! Says a lot for drugs, doesn't it?
by bemushroomed1 July 30, 2004
The opposite of copyrights. Redistribute and copy what you will. If anyone wants to make improvements, amendments, alternations, changes...call them what you will... they are utterly free to do so. But, the user cannot restrict access to the base material of the changes they've made.
The fundamental problem is that copyright pretends that information is property.
- Ian Clarke, developer of Freenet
by bemushroomed1 July 30, 2004
A greek letter, but more usually used to mean the complete end of everything, or something simply the destruction of everything as we know it.
"No one can avoid being affected. Most human beings may go out of their minds; others will go beyond mind."
-John Hogue
by bemushroomed1 July 30, 2004
"Anything which mimics the psychotic expirience" Old term for psychedelics, when they were thought to cause psychosis. Also includes delirients like dimenhydrinate and datura, which actually DO mimic the psychosis.
Psychedelics are substances known to cause psychosis in people who dont take them.
by bemushroomed1 July 30, 2004
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