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A street money hustler, out to kill. Not someone you want to be around, leader of a gang. A white Rap Artist.
Holy shit! It's Hogue!
by Don Dula July 08, 2004
Hogue, Aaron. Well known gangsta of the 90's and 00's, white mc, has been shot 21 times, owns a brand of alcholic beverages, and guns.
nigga this be hogues block, watch cho self
by UpInSmOkE July 11, 2004
A female who chooses to dress in an overtly skanky hoe fashion (contraction of hoe and vogue).
Hey check out those hogues hanging out in the mall...
by anarchovegan September 06, 2010
a large and slender penis with a lot of tiny hairs
Yo man, i heard tyler has a hogue
by block dabomb September 28, 2007
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