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Nic-name for a french bulldog.
She has two frenchies.
by bellllllllllllo May 01, 2004
I made up this word in 2003. It basically means a dumb or ignorant person.
She is acting batakye.
by bellllllllllllo May 01, 2004
Clothes that preppy rich bitches wear. Good clothes? The jeans are like paper thin.
All you abercrombie and fitch wearers are bitches!
by bellllllllllllo December 08, 2004
Hell I don't know. I must be a retard .
What is epitome?
Hell I dont know.
by bellllllllllllo December 07, 2004
A hot girl I want so want to do up the butt.

If any guy says no to that offer or thinks she is ugly, is gay.
Friend: What do you want to do today?

Me: Hilary Duff in the ass.
by bellllllllllllo December 05, 2004

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