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2 definitions by beleraform

One of the perks in Call of Duty World at War, that makes you invincible from zombies in the co-op mode.
Player 1:"I'm dying over here, I'm gonna go get some invincinog"
Player 2:"Isn't Juggernog, and it doesn't make you invincible!"
Player 1:"Yes it does, DAMN those four zombies just killed me!!!
by beleraform June 23, 2009
the act of a video game player in which he or she finds someone to give a blowjob to, after playing with unsportsmanlike conduct
Player one: " Haha, I won. I just released the dawgs. haha haha haha."
Player two: "DUDE, go Get-a-Hamburger!"
by beleraform November 23, 2008