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Someone who has feelings of disgust, fear, anger or hatred towards people who identify as bisexual. Some biphobic people are also homophobic and their reasons for their biphobic behaviour are the same as their reasons for their homophobic behaviour . Others accept and support homosexuality - or even are homersexual - yet are biphobic.
Some things/opinions people who are biphobic often say/have:
- You can only like one gender. Liking both is impossible.

- You're only saying you're bisexual, to get attention and if you're female it's too turn on guys with a lesbian fetish.

- You're just a gay person who doesn't want to come out.

- You're just being greedy. You only get to pick one gender. You can't like people from both.

- You're just a sex fiend who's only interested in having an orgy, threesome or sex with many different people. You're pretty much a slut.

- You're just going through a stage. You'll get over it.

- You're just confused and curious. Eventually you'll decide if you're straight or gay.

- Being bisexual is a choice. (Some biphobic people say homersexaul is and some don't. It depends if they're also homphobic)
by beingbisexual July 26, 2013
Somebody who is romantically and sexually attracted to men, women and any other gender identification. (Note : Pansexual means that you love somebody despite or not regarding/caring about their gender whilst bisexual just means loving all genders)

Prejudice faced by bisexuals :

People often think it's easier to be a bisexual girl then a bisexual man but this is simply not true. As a bisexual girl I face just as many prejudices as guys. It's thought by some that a bisexual girl has it easier as some men find bisexual females attractive, but honestly this doesn't make it any easier. This leads to the sexualization of bisexual females and the stereotype that we're all sex fiends or pretending to be bi to attract these type of men. This is not to say, that men don't face prejudice too. I'm just trying to make the point that both women and females face biphobic behaviour. Some people say that bisexuals are people who are really gay or straight, that are saying their bi to get attention or avoid coming out as gay.

Positive things about being bisexual :
Once you accept your sexuality it's a great feeling and allows you to stop pushing down feelings you may have once tried to supress. Also, both guys and girls are amazing so if you're attracted to both, there's no point limiting yourself to one gender.
Example of things a bisexual could say (I included some ones that show sexual attraction and some that show romantic attraction) :

eg. That male YouTuber is so hot. I'd totally bang him.
eg. She's really fit. Her red lipstick and long socks turn me on.
eg. I have a crush on a guy from my class I'd love to date him.
eg. I miss my ex-girlfriend but I have to move on and find someone knew.

Example of the type of conversation a bi person can get into since many people will assume you're straight or gay. They don't consider that you could like both. (I wish people irl were as accepting as B and C are in this when they finally realise A is bi) :

Everybody (all girls) : *talking about 'hot' males*
Person A (bi one) : Yeah, isn't Toby hot.
Person B : Totally.
Person A : Yeah and Sophie's also really attractive. I'd totally date her.
Person C : But, you're a girl...
Person A : Yeah and?
Person B : So you're a lesbian? But you just called a guy hot.
Person A : Toby is hot, though.
Person C : So you're straight?
Person A : No, I like both genders. I'm bisexual.
Person B : Oh, I get it.
Person C : That makes sense. I never thought of that. Cool.
by beingbisexual July 26, 2013

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