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2 definitions by beenthere_donethat

Nobody knows... Nobody wants to know....
-Where's Kahlotus?

-Wait.... What's Kahlotus?
by beenthere_donethat April 02, 2011
A thoroughly average university lost somewhere in suburbia west of Portland, Oregon.

Nobody cares about the undergraduates at Pacific because their graduate programs are so amazing, so the puny College of Arts and Sciences is plagued by hangovers, dudes too lazy to shave, ugly chicks, cannibals, and bed bugs.

Somewhat notorious for having the worst football team imaginable, and the largest HawaiianFest (also termed Luau) this side of, well, Hawaii.
-Hmm... where should I go to college?

-How about Pacific University? They accept anybody.
by beenthere_donethat April 02, 2011