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Hits from a bong. Rarely used in the singular form.
Matt, it's the stingers that keep me going, dude.
by beelzebubba May 21, 2005
When you have to shit so bad that you suddenly move like a robot so you can walk stiffly and keep your ass cheeks together.
After I ate that bad tuna, my stomach blew a gasket causing me to have to go robot so I could make it across the room without shitting myself.
by Beelzebubba May 18, 2015
When you perform oral sex on a pregnant woman
I like it when they're pregnant. It's almost like I am tickling the baby.
by Beelzebubba April 15, 2015
two dudes rubbing their dicks together
I just walked in on my cousin and his best friend rubbin rogers!
by Beelzebubba April 14, 2015
to cum on your own face
I have just seen my first mekake video.
by Beelzebubba April 07, 2015
one of those guys you see wearing a decorative sweater who just looks like he sucks cock
This asshole has a face made for cock.
by Beelzebubba April 07, 2015
arrogant pricks who walk around smoking electronic cigarettes
Those vaping assholes are getting on my nerves.
by Beelzebubba April 07, 2015

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