12 definitions by bee

A Body that is properly stacked.
Nice build.
Shorty is Stacked Propa!!
by Bee August 22, 2003
retarded cousin, pretty, hot and sexy. ;]
wollyhoa is gay, she's hot and sexy the, rawr-- love the cousin Bee :D
by Bee September 30, 2004
the act of unecessary and or excessive non-sensical word flow generated by females at a quick and unconsious pace. The origin of the flapping is the vagina.
Schad told me that she would stop her constant flapping.
by Bee February 04, 2004
a term from Space Moose

Someone would just say "Bee."
by Bee February 03, 2003
When ur tongue tied and try to say "company" and "immensely" together, this is the result :D
I enjoy your comply.
by Bee April 22, 2005

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