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the best place in the world. It has more history than probably any other U.S. state. It is also home to the country's most aggressive drivers, the Kennedys, the world's best colleges and universites, many democrats, the New England Patriots, the beloved Boston Red Sox, married gays, and the best people you will ever meet. It costs a fortune to live here, taxes are ridiculous, and everyone you know is either irish or italian, or both, and hating the NY Yankees is part of culture. People who live here experience the best of all four seasons and have easy access to beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains (for skiing). Its not unusual for residents to use New Hampshire for its tax-free prices and illegal fireworks. ;]
person 1: where do you live?
person 2: I live in Massachusetts.
person 1: Lucky. shit i live in friggen Montana
by becccca August 24, 2006
a supposedly famous bar in boston (used for the naming of the show) that no bostonian has ever been in, and only tourists go to see.
tourist: why hello local ! What is your opinion about this "Cheers" bar?

bostonian: huh?
by becccca August 16, 2006

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