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15 definitions by beau

originally derived from RAGM (Rage Against The Machine), this word expresses someone on the "top of the world" or un fuck with able as we would say.
I just killed that cop, they didnt even chase me, dude im totally unfucwitable.
by Beau February 29, 2004
1)Toss the person out of the game, event, location 2)Throw into jail
1) Phil Jackson cursed at the ref so he was sent home.
2)Martha Stewart is going to get sent home by the judge in her case.
by Beau March 26, 2004
A skeleton or revenant.
Oh shit the Eckus is coming.
by Beau January 26, 2004
your homie; home boy
wassup my homie g corn dog
by beau November 23, 2004
A person of african heritage who acts like a white person. See Will Smith.
Wayne Brady may look black, but this Bonky ain't fooling anyone.
by beau June 29, 2004
a comeback to someone saying something bad to someone else. now digest that! meaning step off, let it go, and be nice all rolled in to one large fatty!
"asshole" said jon. "thats cold" said freak (reciving the diss) "damn boy i better just order u up some hatertots"!said yonni
by Beau February 29, 2004
he deseerves a chance, he is mature, hansom, and has changed since last time.
hey emily, why dont you go on a date with beau because he is to puss faced to ask you
by Beau June 24, 2004