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One of the most influential director/producers in history by helping create master pieces such as The Indiana Jones Series, Back to the Future, The Jurasic Park Set, E.T., All the 'Jaws' too.

Credited with two Best Director, Acadamy Awards for films: Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.
I watched The Terminal last night, it was really fucking good.
by bEATLe_PauL June 07, 2005
An abbreviation for the popular late 90's early 00's band, Blink 182. The band had hits such as 'Dammit', 'All the Small Things', 'The Rock Show' or 'I'm Feeling This'.
I went to a Blink concert last night, it rocked!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005
Considered the greatest pop/rock band ever and i could not agree more. With over one billion sales of records, cds or tapes they shall never be matched. Although when any one thinks of the beatles they think of John Lennon, I think of Paul McCartney he is the best of all four. He wrote the majority of there songs in the later era (1967-70).
Turn up 'i am the walrus', this song rocks!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 01, 2005
Arguably the greatest rock album ever, it changed music forever. Taking 129 days to record only 13 tracks. Released in June 1967. It won numerous Grammy's that year including album of the year. Paul McCartney wrote most of the songs on the album. The hits include 'Sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band', 'With a little help from my friends', 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' or 'A day in the life'. But really all 13 tracks are excellent.
Turn Sgt. Pepper's up!!! I love this wack crap.
by bEATLe_PauL June 02, 2005
The greatest show, on at around 11pm on a weeknight on the australian television pay tv network, foxtel. The show involves attractive woman taking there clothes off while reading the news. The aim was to get modern day men into watching the news, however I don't listen to a thing i'm in my own zone watching them get naked.
Hey bro, did you see Silvia on Naked News last night because those pink and black panties were hot!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005
The Airline of Australia with no registered casualties. It stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services. It is mentioned in the movie rainman where dustin hoffmain complains of airlines being unsafe but not qantas.
Tom Cruise: 'We would have to fly to...Melbourne, Australia to catch a flight on qantas.
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005
Music may consider these the most influential years in history. A little known Liverpool band hit big in the year 1963 with 'Love me do'. In 1967 The Beatles released the album '(Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)' and through to 1970 they realised another 6 albums including the monumental 'White Album', one of the first double cd, single album. The last recorded Beatles album 'Abbey Road' is known all around the world. The influence of these 3 years could not be matched in a normal 300 years.
The blue album is a double cd greatest hits between 1967-70 with hits including 'Penny Lane', 'Back in the USSR' or 'Let it Be'.
by bEATLe_PauL June 02, 2005

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