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1. The "G" is short for government
"Big G" is shouted as a heads up by the lookout as a warnning to his or hers accomplices that (police,correctional officer)are near their location. So that they can avoid being spotted.

during a burglary, dealing shouting Big G as a code word for a government athority.

by beast 1/2 November 01, 2006
Gassing is a term used in prison, it is when a prisoner stores faeces, urine, and sometimes blood in a bag; which is used to assault a guard usually during head counts. Usually from a convicts which have a life sentence because they're not going enywhere.
I was a victim of a gassing I my have been exposed to HIV hepatitis A, B, and C now i have to be tested and on anti-viral drugs. and it could take up to three to six months of being on medical leave then i find out if I'm infected.
by beast 1/2 November 01, 2006
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