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When walking around Nottingham (UK), you will be Regulary asked to Give a "Parnd". Meaning to give some Jobless Chav/Charva a £1 Coin. Refusal to give a "Parnd", normally results in your Mother being called a variety of name's. I learnt last week Whilst in Nottingham that my Mother gave a Blow Job to one of the Chavs .....Probably for "Parnd"!!!
"Hey up Boss? Giz a Parnd"
by Beardo June 20, 2004
Not many know that the word 'jobhair' actually was frequently used in the 18th century. A carpenter named Joe Bear from North London branded himself a buffoon as he managed to trip, and fall up a flight of stairs. Thousands of people were in hysterics once they found out. However, falling up stairs became more common, and someone who falls up a flight of stair would often laugh and say 'i've done a Joe Bear!'.
In the 19th century however, school children misunderstood the meaning of a 'Joe Bear', and began looseley using the term as an insult. over time the meaning was lost, and so was the spelling.

More recently, as the first families where men had 'jobes' finally were exposed people connected the insult 'jobhair' to the type of penis - a 'jobe'. And to add, the families which passed down jobes to the younger generation, all had females with ginger hair - as you can see everything seeminly connects. However, we know the true origins of 'jobhair' and we musnt ignore them.
incorrect use:

stefano: "look ma jobe bled!!! check it yeh!"

Correct Usage:

*after falling up a flight of stairs*

18th century man: "oh, hah hah, ive done a Joe Bear!"
oter 18th century man: "Ah yes, so you have"
by Beardo June 06, 2004
when you follow through after a vigorous fart
'Oh Christ, just did a Tarky Toucher in my Undies'
by Beardo April 27, 2004
Argentinian accented, alice-band wearing walking talking leg-end from Oxford. White teeth, square jaw and cheesy as Gruyere.
'o sea, el hueso'
by beardo April 30, 2004
Slang word for 'beer' at public schools, origin Harrow possibly.
'Wahey mate/star, lets get some beezos in'
by beardo April 27, 2004
Spanglish vernacular to avoid saying 'hostia' cunt.
ojo! se me cayo el cono
by Beardo April 27, 2004
A party thrown for anthropomorphics - guests would include the devil from the Master and Margherita, and felines that dance to TS Eliot poems.
Kathmandu, Kathmandu, where have you gone to Kathmandu, where did you come from, where did you go, where you come from Kathmandu. (ad nauseam)
by Beardo January 08, 2009
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