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A fussy bear that trolls around the house making a mess wherever he goes and uses too much toilet paper in the process. He is rarely seen with a shirt on and loves getting crumbs in the bed. He is prone to temper tantrums and will complain until he gets his way. If his fussin' doesn't keep you up, his snoring will. A general fool.
Get this Joe Bear out of here!
by Gem Gem Pops May 11, 2008
nickname given to males with the name Joe because either:
1. they are large like a bear
2. they are cuddly like a teddy bear.
Joebear's are normally very sweet guys. They would do anything to be the hero or to help their friends.
(girl 1) You see that guy over there? He's so helpful.
(girl 2) Thats because he's a Joebear.
(girl 1) Oh! I thought there was something special about him.
by Beckyxoxoxo April 10, 2009
Normally a very considerate and caring loving guy that doesnt really see his full potential. loved by countless otherS he is absolutely amazing no question about it. Joebear also frequently has very lucious hair ;) A truely amazing friend and would make anyone an incredibly happy partner. So lucky to have a cute and cuddly joebear in your life.!
x 05.11.10 x
by november5thx September 05, 2011
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