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An Australian slang term, meaning basically when a bloke is fellated by a shiela. (That means a man gets sucked off by a woman)
"Got some action last night, mate."
"Mm-hmm. Got a gobby, mate."
"Nice work, mate!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
Same as "gobby"
An act of fellatio (cock-sucking)
"Give me a gobby!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
Another Australian slang term. Down under, it is a verb that means when a man gives a woman cunnilingus. (That means he licks her vagina)
"G'day, Scotty! I heard you, ah, gave ya girlfriend a muffy on the week-end, mate."
{Pronunciation is actually "muff-ee"}
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
What's known in Yank-land (America) as a "hand-job."
Basically, a woman manually stimulating a man.
"She gives GREAT wristies, mate!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
(noun) The arse-hole.
(As a verb) Anal sex

See also, "Dry wrong-un," meaning "dry anal sex"

"Oh, yeah! Go up my wrong-un, baby!"
"You know I like (dry) wrong-un, Scotty!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
Like its name suggests, the term "wrong-un," (taken from cricket jargon) means "wrong one."

It can be used as a transitive verb, which is means "dry anal sex," since it leads to major complications if you try to say "dry wrong-unal sex."

As a noun, the term "wrong-un" is one's arsehole, and the term "dry" doesn't come into play.
As a transitive verb: "Hey, Scotty! I heard ya gave ya woman dry wrong-un!"
As a noun: "Hey, I heard you got some on the week-end, Scotty. Do you do her up the wrong-un? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
An act of cunnilingus. (Cunt-licking)
"Oh, Scotty! Give me a muffy, darling!"
by Bean-o April 30, 2003
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