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A major G triad in which, generally, the third of the chord is replaced by the upper neighbor or fourth in the scale. A G sus chord consists of a Root (G), a fourth (C), and fifth (D).
A G sus chord gives a feeling of anticipation, and a feeling of resolution is achieved when the fourth of the chord is resolved back to the major third.
The progression is Am, C and G sus
by bob1963forme July 16, 2005
A fairly common jazz chord that happens to be pronounced similarly to the familiar religious figure, Jesus.
Is that a G-sus chord in the third bar?
by cazort September 15, 2003
The black form of Jesus Christ
"Y'all got the story all wrong. G sus was the first to walk on water."
by Zuke June 19, 2006
Stands for GANG SUPRESSION UNIT. consists of 10 teams of uniformed officers and criminal investigators divided into three functions: Gang Suppression Teams, Graffiti Strike Force and Gang Investigations. The Gang Suppression Teams work 7 days a week citywide patrolling areas where gang crime is most prevelant. The Graffiti Strike Force focuses on emerging tagger groups that transition into criminal street gangs. Investigators in the Gang Unit focus on felony gang crimes committed by gang members and conduct extensive investigations into cases that ultimately remove the most violent gang offenders from our streets.
The homie Guero was on the run from the GSU and got caught up the next day. He's doing 6 months.
by Your momma ! September 25, 2010
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