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Something you wouldn't do when your children are around, on or off a train.
'Man...last night was a trainsmash'


'Excuse me your in my seat, if my kids weren't here there'd be a trainsmash!'
by loltown.com August 05, 2009
32 9
A true catastrophe, an outstandingly tragic event. Often used to tell sb they're exaggerating.
A: Oh I've screwed things up! It's irreversible!
B: Don't fret about it babe, it's no train smash.

A: I say guys, I've been kicked out of college for cheating...
B: Sounds like a real train smash dude!
by fumbu May 07, 2009
4 0
when you mix (or "bash") two foods together
"anthony says food at cadet camps is always trainsmash"
by jacqui michelle August 15, 2006
7 15
regional dialect (crawley, sussex)

slang for "its no big deal"
"shame you cant give me a lift to the pub, but its no trainsmash"
by bbcks July 21, 2005
7 16