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2 definitions by bbbrittanybbbyo

A girl, or boy, wearing no bra, with extremely pointed breasts.
DANG Suzie!
Going Kim Possible today?
by bbbrittanybbbyo August 20, 2008
working out to Jonas Brothers music to get skinny and fit just in case you "accidentally" run into them at their very own house in LA or NJ or wherever they are at the time.
Obsessed fan one: "AYYE YO! Lets get Jonasized!"

Obsessed fan two: "THIS IS HARD WORK!
Isn't it Burnin' Up in here? While I'm Jonasizing!"

Obsessed fan one: "Youre fat and ugly, you need to be Jonasized."

by bbbrittanybbbyo August 20, 2008